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Friday, June 8, 2012

Winter Reigns (and rains)

Welcome Winter!
The cooler days and nights
are so lovely,
with the added bonus of some glorious rainy days.

A few pots of tiny pansy seedlings potted up a few weeks ago,
are really very rewarding 
now that they have grown a bit.

 When choosing the small punnets of seedlings a few weeks ago, at the garden centre, it was hard to resist the urge to stay with just one colour.

So many
beautiful colours
to choose from!
But I stayed strong, and stuck with just ONE colour.

I have gone for
one shade of deep

I had designed our backyard
with a theme of
mostly GREEN.
So only a small amount of flowers would be needed to always stand out, and make an impact.

Instead of throwing out this
metal lantern,
when the base rusted out...
I plopped it onto this garden bed, and the tiny groundcover has grown into it.
I LOVE it!!

I have to confess to not giving enough time to gardening these past couple of years.
It's not that I have lost interest,
just that I have been otherwise occupied.

But STILL, because the garden has
'good bones',
it is never too hard to keep it from looking 'too shabby'. 

A single pot of Royal Cape Plumbago
is enough to star in it own little corner of the yard.

Through the Grotto with delicate 'Babys Tears' as a ground cover,
to the
Bali Garden in the background, on the other side of the house.

Even though I do not get to spend much time in the garden these days,
I never cease to derive massive enjoyment from just SEEING the garden every day...

...with the rabbits scattered throughout the scene.

One of my all time
favourite plants
is Zoysia.

It always manages to
lovely and green...

even when the lawn looks a bit
old and tired
during Winter.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my garden this Winter,
as much as I have.

Thanks for looking!


  1. what as beautiful place, your garden is so magical! i adore the rabbits and the hues of blue and green.
    i also enjoyed your alice video! such wonderful photography.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today !!, your garden...happy

  3. Hi Victoria,

    Great to meet you and discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    Love your beautiful garden, the rabbits and pansies are so sweet.

    Happy Sunday

  4. My dear heart.......your garden is a paradise lost and found....WOW. You love GREEN just like me, with spurts of white and BLUE!!!!! I am not one for English style gardens where there is TOO much to look at, but a TIDY garden such as yours with LUSH and moist plantings is what I prefer. That baby tears and Zoy....whatever (teeeheee) is outrageously fabulous. WINTER YOU SAY?????? WOW, it is stunning and everything about this garden is well worth the hard work it takes to make it look so right.

    THANK YOU for inviting me into your garden space my to you, Anita

  5. I had to do a double take when I saw it was winter. It took a few seconds for me to realise you were in the south hemisphere. Having said that, it's still like winter here in the UK. It's almost mid summer and we had to turn the heat on again yesterday! Dismal :-(

    However, meeting new bloggers always brighten my day! I love hares, your banner is wonderful. Great to meet you and thanks for visiting my mysterious Paris.

  6. It sure doesn't look like winter in your garden, Victoria! It's green and beautiful. I love your bunnies with their expressive faces.
    I took time to watch some of your videos, too. Loved them!
    So nice to meet you and thanks for visiting me.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Your garden is so beautiful...looks like it's straight from the pages a of fairy tale!!! Everything is so green and lush!!! Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing...

    And thanks for stopping by to visit my Paris post. The story you mentioned about your grand daughter feeding, (or NOT feeding) the ducks was too cute! Thanks for sharing... :)


  8. I agree with the lovely friends here...your garden is breathtaking! The lush green....the rabbits, aren't they something??
    This space would bring me great joy as well...beautifully done.
    Thank you so much, Vicky, for visiting me...and un grand merci to our precious Anita for bringing together lovely new blog friends!
    Will be following you! I saw your gorgeous art on your other blog...fantastic work.
    Merci et bonne journee!
    - Irina

  9. Good evening Vicky,
    Well dear Anita and Irina took the words right out of my mouth.. Simply breathtaking.. I don't know when I have walked through a garden that has such beauty.. I too visited your other blog and loved the art!
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind thougths.

  10. I've enjoyed visiting both of your pages today, Vicki. Once again, thank you for stopping by the "shop." Hope you stay in touch...and I believe in growing younger every minute. :)
    Much love,

  11. Lovely backyard and garden Victoria.Winter where you are?How inviting! I love winter.Sounds wonderful.Thank you so much for visiting Me and your sweet comment. Enjoy your lovely garden My Dear-Blessings to you Denise

  12. Oh my how beautiful your garden is! So green and lush. Thank you for visiting me the other day...I adore your pretty blog. Have a great day!



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