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Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Hearts

It was about time 

to get thinking about 


Flour and salt mixed

with water

gives us the perfect

dough to play with...

You just need a round glass bottle

and a sheet of glad bake paper.

Put the dough in between the paper 

and roll it out with 

the round bottle.

A small heart shaped 

cookie cutter 

is perfect for what we want to create.

A thin plastic straw

poked into the dough,

gives us our holes for hanging.

There is no need to bake.

Just place the tray 

out in the sun until the 

hearts are hard and dry.

Then comes the fun bit...

where you can splash a bit of 

paint around.

When the 

painted hearts 

are nice and dry,

you tie a piece of 

dark green cotton thread

through the holes...

...and hang them on the Christmas tree.

We also must not forget 

to write a letter to Santa.

(What does Ellie want Santa to bring her this



a real penquin...of course)

Then it's just a matter of posting the

 letter off to Santa...

...and enjoying the pretty touches of 

Christmas decorating wherever we go.

Have you started your 
Christmas decorating??

December is just around the corner.


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