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Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Go ask Alice...she'll know"

What with all the fuss about Alice recently,
I went looking for some answers...

There seemed to be such an abundance of 'Alices' out there.
I became curiouser and curiouser to find the 'real deal'.
The ridgy didge, fair dinkum, true blue original ONE.

I came across a lot of blue dresses
with white aprons and striped stockings,

...and rooms that seemed way too small.


Pivotal to the plot, was always a frantic white rabbit,
and a dangerously large rabbit hole.


Prolific were pink flamingos and grinning cats.

I discovered a lot of pocket watches...

...and odd looking men.

There seemed to be rather a lot of strange Tea Parties, ... very large teapots and cups.

Oops! Sorry...wrong Alice!!

Some people really let "Alice' get under their skin!

above: 1951 - Walt Disney
There have been many filmmakers over the years,
who have taken on the 'Alice' theme.

above: 2010 - Tim burton & Walt Disney

above: 1985

above: 1966

above: 1933
Below: Scenes from the very first silent movie, filmed in 1903.
Click here to see the film if you dare, but be warned...
movie making has come a very long way since this was made.
(Thank goodness!)

above: At Last!! THIS IS the 'real' Alice!!
Her last name was 'Liddell',
and this photo was taken in 1859, around the time the famous story was written.

This photo of Alice Liddell was taken in 1932.
Well, Alice, I hope you're proud of yourself. Just look at what you started!


  1. Oh my! What a fantastic collection of Alices! So glad your search led you to the real Alice. I'm also thrilled you decided to join our magical blog party! We look forward to seeing you there.

  2. WHAT!?!?! My dear friend! This is such an amazing post. I wish I'd found it earlier in the week so I could have included it in the tea party! I'll just let all my followers know about it next week anyways! One can never have too much Alice, right? I love the fact that you searched for the true blue Alice, it was so fun to see all the photos that led you there. It's ironic because she's not very "Alice" like we think of today. You know, long blonde hair and all. ALSO, those Alice tattoos are a real trip! Now that's dedication! Thank you so much for telling me about this post.




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