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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've created a monster!

It all started quite innocently.

Having discovered these delicious little ones a while ago,
and become slightly obsessed with snacking on them...
(Perino tomatoes)

the crazy though crossed my mind,
to pop a couple of tiny seeds from a small tomato that I was enjoying,
into the garden bed outside our kitchen window.

Our backyard was only ever designed to be a pretty sight.
Visually pleasing.
We had long ago decided to keep it free of anything
that might be construed as pertaining to vege gardens and the like,
which require occasional periods of aestheticly challeged scenery.

But those tiny little seeds had other ideas!
Above: this is the view we now see from our kitchen window.

Below: where once there sat a gorgeous Lobelia filled, delightful view...

...there now sits an amazingly vigorous tomato plant.


Not only has it grown way larger that I thought was possible,
it has also produced abundant flowers...and fruit!!!

Ok. So there was a slight learning curve involved
in the 'growing of ones own tomatoes'.

It had to do with pesky little grubs.
The secret is...
that you must sprinkle yucky green poisonous tomato dust

all over the tiny yellow flowers.

If you fail to do so...
then you will end up with a super crop of
tomatoes that look like this...

Once we had used the dust,
things were looking up!
I don't know how many tomatoes
we have harvested from those initial couple of seeds that I stuck in the ground,
but there have been countless punnet sized crops so far.

Now we are wondering when the plant will have run it's course,
as it still seems to be nowhere near finished with it's growing.

You would have thought I might have learned a lesson about poking seeds into the garden bed.
But no, I couldn't help myself throwing in a couple of pumpkin seeds a few weeks ago...

Now I am wondering if THIS large leafed monster will
 devour our whole backyard.



  1. VICTORIA DEAREST!!!! WOWOWWWWW...this is so like life, isn't it? WE REAP WHAT WE SOW!!! Oh, your garden is GORGEOUS! WHERE ON EARTH DO YOU LIVE IN QUEENSLAND? Your backyard is an oasis dearest!!! Well then, will you keep them? They look lovely, but that first shot of your clipped and trim garden was UNREAL! How are you today dear one? Blessings upon THEE!!! Love, Anita

  2. Victoria! This post made me laugh so much! So fun. I personally don't appreciate tomatoes, but I do appreciate your back yard! Lovely!


  3. MMmm, I too discovered those tasty little treats, but haven't tried growing them. But of course all sorts of surprising things spring up from our compost so you never know.

  4. =) Had to chuckle as I read that. Think I'll try your method of growing those yummy tiny tomatoes as well as the soak and dry thing I've just researched. They won't grow that big in pots...will they? This could be interesting.

  5. Hello, can you please let me know if you dried the seeds first or just literally put them into the ground? We LOVE those tomatoes and just googled them to try and grow them ourselves and your blog came up!

  6. The seeds I used were literally straight out of the tomato as I ate it! Don't think it really much matters with these little guys...they have a real will to GROW! anywhere.



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