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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Letters

"When someone loves you,
the way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name
is safe in their mouth."
- unknown

"When you love somebody,
your eyelashes go up and down,
and stars come out of you."
(what an image) - Karen age 7

With Valentine's Day coming up soon, 
 my thoughts turned to love and things of that nature.
Which led me to dig out a pile of old love letters given to me by My Knight, many years ago, before we were married.

Within a few weeks of our courtship,
My Knight was called up
for National Service.(Nasho)

So we had to continue to get to know each other through letters.

Many, many letters.

Written when he was only 20 years old and I was all of 14.
(have I shocked you?)
The romance was enhanced
with our written words to each other.

Absence did indeed,
 make the heart grow fonder.

When I was around 16 years of age, I told my mother that he was the one I wanted to marry. She just laughed and said I was too young and that I didn't know what I was talking about.
My big brother would taunt me (as big brothers are prone to do) by singing the words of the old song by Donny and Marie Osmond, 'Puppy Love'.

But no amount of mocking
could kill the love we had for each other,

and we were married when I turned 17. Yes, 17.
(have I shocked you again?)

As the old saying goes: 'Time will tell'.
 Now over 36 years later,
I have proven that what I knew then, was true.

He has always been and still is,

My Knight in shining armour.

Ok, so I'll admit that there were moments

through the years when the shine became a bit tarnished,
but never too dull for me.

(The 1970's  gave us some shocking fashion!)

As I shuffled through the pile of letters,
I came across a poem written by My Knight,
about 12 years after we were married.
I can recall, it was for a special Valentine's Night that we had organised for our church, as the 14th February coincided with a Saturday night, in that particular year.
With tables clothed in white and adorned with candelabra,

 large pink cardboard cutout cupids,

and red and pink balloons

together with hearts and streamers draped around the room,
the room was transformed
into a dining room fit for a fairytale.

The ladies had baked and iced
heart shaped cookies prior to the delightful evening.

Everyone dressed in their very best,

and brought along a salad to share.

The men donned aprons
to cook the meat on the BBQ,
and after a wonderful meal,

served by our waitress' and waiters 
(aka the youth of the church),

while we sipped our tea and coffee
and nibbled on our heart shaped cookies,

it was time for some love poems to be read out.

Quite a few men had taken up
the challenge of writing a poem for their loved one.

Most of the poetry was funny and quite charming.

Below is a photo of the original poem
handwritten by My Knight.

A word of warning:
It may sound a bit blokey and on the corny side to you...but I think it is sweet.

A Poem For Vicki

"Well here I stand,
looking back twelve odd years down the track,
and just exactly what do I see?
I see a roughian..oh! that must be me.
A petite young blonde I also see.
Wow! She's some sheila,
she'll do me.
Well, we got together as young-uns do,
had our traumas, argued and blued.
But we grew up,
funny about that.
Everyone does it, as a matter of fact.
Her nickname was 'kitten',
it suited her fine.
All I could think was,
she had to be mine.
Well, the girl become a woman, as girls tend to do.
I said "I love you".
and she said "Me too".
So we got us married on the 6th December,
I know it's that date...I gotta remember,
'cos if I forget...then there'd be trouble,
I'd have to buy flowers on the double.
Well, we've now got two kids to help us along,
but they're no real trouble.
They're were they belong.
And our love for each other is just as it was, in them early days.
Who says persistance never pays?"

I did warn you.
Pretty corny but so cute.

Do you have a stash of old love letters
that you have forgotten about?
Or perhaps,
a Valentine's Day card or two,
from years ago?

Maybe a sweet poem written for you by your loved one?

If so, I would love for you to share it with me.

"When you love someone, all your saved up wishes start coming out."
- Elizabeth Bowen

PS...just a reminder that my very first 'giveaway' will be drawn after
Valentine's Day.
If you leave a comment
you will be in the draw.
(click on highlighted word to be taken to 'giveaway')



  1. Oh my, oh MY! THAT WAS A DELICIOUS and MAGNIFICENT POST! EVERY WORD gave me a fond memory of when my husband and I met, all the love letters that have now turned into occasional blog posts of praise and ACTS of sheer love. I LOVE YOUR that the two of you in the middle? My goodness dearest, you are so creative. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME with your kind words and again, I am so enchanted by your vision of fantasy, realism, faith and beauty. May the people in your part of the world continue to persevere through the recent disasters and find love and hope through all of you who have the means and proximity to help out as much as you can. BLESSINGS TO YOU DEAREST and may you feel well every day!! Anita

  2. Gorgeous post,my heart is a flutter, pitter-patter-ROMANCE is in the air.Oh my goodness,You did shock me though with being 14/20,ikes, your Mommy must have been scared.All worked out thank The Lord. My hubby is 9 years older than me,if I met him when I was 14 I would have gone CRAZY over Him,so I can see how lucky you were to spend so much time with Him.I would have ADORED to meet my man at 14.

  3. What a happy making post!!! My mom got married when she was 17, too :) You sound like the most wonderful couple!

  4. Awww! So sweet! I just love hearing people's love stories. I'm so glad your's is a successful one!

  5. SO cute!! This post is just SO sweet!!!




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