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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Snowflakes, like people,
are all different and beautiful,
but they can be a nuisance
when they lose their identity in a mob."

As with a bubble, a snowflake
is such an amazing 'thing'.
If they discovered just one on Mars...
can you imagine the hoo-har
that the media and scientists
would go on with!
They have always enchanted me...
more so because I never see them,
living here in Queensland, Australia.
But that has never stopped me
from playing with them,
albeit not in their icy state.

I have drawn them.

Cut them out of a
sheet of paper .

They have been piped onto cookies,

Pasted with glue and sprinkled
with pretty glitter.

Used in design,
for Christmas cards.

And Christmas and wedding trimmings.

Carved out of crystal.

They look very nice as
Christmas decor around the home, when we are trying for the cooling 'white Christmas look', here in the middle of Summer...

If you look very closely...
at a snowflake
you will find
wonder and magic and marvel.

The exquisite, intricate detail 
is so enchanting...

...that it makes you want
to try to capture
the frail beauty,
to keep it forever.

OK. This is soooooo cool.
(pardon the pun)
If you would like to 
design your very own

Just click on the highlighted word above.

Have fun making up your own unique's very easy!!

It is said that
no two snowflakes are ever the same.
I would like to know how 'they' know that.
Who has ever seen every snowflake in the world to confirm this statement??

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