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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Macaron madness

After (virtually) going to Paris again,
(via Anita's Paris Party links)...
I was ever more curious as to how those French macarons tasted.
It seemed like everywhere I turned ...THERE was another picture of those pretty macarons.

You know, ...I have always wondered if I would ever get to taste them, as I have never seen them in real in Australia.
It seemed like they would always stay just a little dream of mine.

Then the other day, I wandered into Woolworths.
I am a 'Coles' kinda girl (flybuys!)
so I do not usually venture into 'Woolies'.

To my utter surprise and amazment

I simply could NOT walk past without grabbing a box of these curious thingys.
Not knowing if they were a biscuit or a cake...I just had to satisfy my curiosity.

AND YES!...they had come all the way from France!!

By now,
I was feeling all giggly inside.

I couldn't wait to get home to taste one!

But wait I I could first take a pickie of them!
So I would have a memory of what they really looked like.

I soon learned that they would all be different flavours.
I had always thought that they were just coloured differently, for pretty effect...and would probably all taste the same.
I had also thought, that like most sweets, they would not be very most sweets always looked way better than what they promised to taste like.

So I was UTTERLY gobbsmacked to learn that YES! they did indeed taste GOOD!

I am still not too sure if I would class them as a biscuit or a cake...but whatever they are...I ADORE them!!!!

have an ever so thin outer crust that is crisp!
and an inner that is fluffy and so soft!!
Then there is the creamy bit right in the middle... slightly chewy...and YUMMY.

SUCH a shame that it has taken me over 50 years to discover these delicious macarons.

Do yourself a favour and hunt and gather a gaggle of them for yourself...
you will NOT be disappointed.


  1. OH DEAREST!!! YOU TOOK THE PLUNGE!!!!!!!!!! And you must also try them FRESH. In Paris, there is a famous tea salon named, LADUREE. They have the most incredible array of flavors and I am sure that these boxed ones you got are great. But there is nothing like having a freshly baked one. I would classify them as a biscuit for tea time. The outer layer is crunchy but does not last long as a hard crunch....oh dear.....

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME DEAR! So good to see you again! LOVE, Anita

  2. i must try to find some of these macarons too. we can find them (i think) here in england, but not in my local bakers.
    i absolutely adore your sweet fairy land here and am over-the-the-moon that you will be joining my party in december :)
    i must pop along to vanessa's blog too as i would love to see it. anyone who hosts 'a mad tea party' has got to be right up my street.

    thank you so much for visiting me, i'm quite thrilled to have met you.

    warmest and most magical blessings xx


  3. Precious Etsy sister and blogging pal,

    I am just so happy to see you back here in Blogland and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love and support. Just yesterday I was holding my little paper dress that you sent me.....


  4. Isn't it fascinating how the humble macaron has become such a star in recent years? Come to think of it, it really isn't so humble, is it? So elegant and beyond delicious! My favorite flavor is salted caramel. I bought a box of them at Ladurée in Paris last November for my photo students, and nobody really fancied them that much. Can you believe it? Guess who ended up eating the rest of the leftovers?? heehee
    Have a lovely Sunday



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