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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Bunnies


I'm not too sure why we think
of bunnies and chocolate eggs,
(Ruben might know!!)
at this approaching, important date on the calendar.

But, because we do,
(and because I love the little critters...they are just so darn cute!!)
I wanted to showcase
a few of my favourite rabbits.

All of these needle-felted rabbits are the
fantastic creations of one lovely lady.
Her name is Sara Jo Renzulli.
She has an Etsy shop, called
where you will also find other kinds of gorgeous creatures,
all hand made with her very clever hands.

Sara lives in rural Elkton, Maryland - USA
(that's on the east coast for those
who are not sure where that might be)

This is her story:

"When I was a little girl I lived in the city.
Yet, I had an innate love for all things rural.
My bed was a nest of stuffed animals,
the more realistic the better (I would cut off their tags to erase any sign that they were actually made in China.)
They were my protectors and a connection to something that I had not yet defined.

My favorite toys were my Breyer horses
to which I gave my attention as if I had had
a lifetime of training in horsemanship.

On Sundays,
I would sprawl in front of our TV
for a big dose of PBS nature shows
undaunted by the fact that the
powerful lioness was eating the lovely zebra
right in front of my face.

Their fantastic wild world all made sense,
even to my young eyes.
And in a no-pet policy household I angled
for every little critter I thought I might stand a chance to convince my Mom to keep.
All the while, I was drawing, drawing, drawing.

Today, I work at my home in rural Elkton, Maryland
where I have two young boys and many critters dotting the hillside and underfoot.

I am a self taught
painter and needle-felter.

My intrinsic need to know animals
and to create has followed me and,
I expect, will never leave."

I hope you have enjoyed Sara's rabbits.
I love them.

Below, are some MORE gorgeous rabbits that I actually am lucky enough to own. They all dwell in our backyard. I bought them gradually over a period of time, from a potter who frequents the Tamborine Mountain Sunday Markets.
 As is always the case with an obsession,
I started with one, then added another...
and before I knew it they were breeding like rabbits!!
Last count I think there were 14 of the cute critters scattered throughout the garden.

As you may have already guessed,
I really do have a fondness for RABBITS.

Prior to our grandaughters birth,

I was fortunate enough to find
the PERFECT rabbit
for a small child to love.

'Bed Bunny',  has bonded with Elliana from birth.

Ellie cannot go to bed without him,
and when she is upset,
he wipes her tears away with his soft ears.
During an extreme moment last year,
she offered him to me,
to wipe away my tears with his ears.
(Sooooo sweet)

Oh, before I go,
I just wanted to share a few more photos
with you...

that have nothing to do with
rabbits or chocolate eggs.

But have everything to do with...


"I am he that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore,
and have the keys of hell and death."

~ Revelation 1:18 

May you find rich blessings this Easter.

(as well as a few chocky eggs)


  1. OH DEAR...THIS IS A FABULOUS POST VICKI! WAIT UNTIL RUBEN SEES THIS! HE WILL SCREAM! We both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rabbits! And WE LOVE EVEN MORE, the REASON FOR THE SEASON...HIM....whom without, we would have no hope, no faith, no love. Now that is a cause for celebration with a chocolate egg or two!!! Ruben stepped out for a while, but when he gets back I MUST SHOW HIM THESE RABBITS. Two dear blogger sisters of mine, Pat Cabrera from WOOLYTALES and Penny from ANGELSDOOR both sculpt from wool. We have some of their work and these rabbits are so amazing...they look like the kind you would see in a museum of natural history!!!! I will send him here to see are brilliant my friend!!! CIAO, Anita

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Victoria
    Anita turned me on to your blog and I find it just charming. Like you, Anita and I are big, gigantic, humongous, incredible rabbit fans. I think that God was cracking up when he made rabbits. These felt rabbits are real works of art.

    Rabbits and eggs are fun at Easter, but like you, we hold that Jesus is the real reason for the season.


  4. First of all Sarah's bunnies are incredible! So amazing! Thanks for sharing her shop, a <3 for sure. Second, I've noticed your photos of you little garden bunnies before and they are absolutely darling :) I really love the one with the leaf on his little butt. Third, Ellie's bunny is precious. That is too cute that she offered it to you for your tears...such love :) And speaking of such love, Fourth, isn't the love of Jesus overwhelming. Sometimes I get so worried and stressed, but I am always reminded that He loves me, and that is far more than enough. We are so blessed.

    yellowbirdyellowbeard.blogspot com

    PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!! Here's the link:



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