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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain Dance

"There are holes in the sky where the rain gets in;
but they're ever so small, that's why rain is thin."- Spike Milligan

"The best thing one can do when it's raining
is to let it rain."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"I love the rain.
I want the feeling of it on my face."
-Katherine Mansfield


"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness,
has never danced in the rain."

These shots were taken this week when Ellie and I went for a wander in the rain.
This neighbours dog was in his doghouse/cubbyhouse, keeping out of the wet.
The bright yellow splash was from some previously spilled paint, on the pretty in the rain.

Today it is still raining.
LOVE the rain!!


  1. Look at this darling little bug's red boots and parapluie! SHE IS JUST SWEET AS CHERRY PIE!!!! Oh, I love the rain. I am looking forward to it to wash away this dirty remains of snow!!!! LOVELY POST SWEET FRIEND!!! Anita

  2. These pictures are just precious! Those bright red boots and matching umbrella are perfect!

    Your latest dolls are wonderful....those costumes are so amazing!!!

    ...And that fruit you just recently wrote about looks intriguing to say the least :D

  3. If she was any cuter I might die!!! And I totally agree with this: "Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain." Rain is far better than sun.




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