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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet 'Marques'

I would like to introduce you to 'Marques'.
 A true Thespian at heart,
Marques is a sensitive soul with a flair for the dramatic.

His clothes reflect a love for the finer things in life,
and he is not afraid to wear pastel pink!

Marcques has finally arrived in Lilliput Loft.

I started working on him and his siblings
about four years ago!
Having been dragging my heels for such a long time,
it is wonderful to finally get to see this idea that has been in my head for way too long.

He started life, along with his siblings,
as a balloon...would you believe...way back in 2006!

A few wooden beads and short lengths of thick dowel,
then a layer of papier mache.

Then a coat of polyfiller to fill out the large bumps and dents...
followed by some sanding to smooth them over.

A few coats of flesh coloured paint...
and then the details are painted on.

Eye lashes make the faces complete.

Then to start work on the body...

Now that 'Marques' is finished, I will have to start work on his sister, 'Paige'....


  1. VICTORIA!!! HERE HE FINALLY IS! I had seen the new post pop up in my blog list, but when I came to visit, I saw nothing of the sort! Oh my goodness, yes, you are quite the artisan as I recall that INCREDIBLE TREE OF YOURS...your vision,your wit, your style...UP MY ALLY!!!!!! I am glad to hear from you. I see you sent a response via email..teeeheeeee, I worry about my friends! I shall go visit you there. MARQUES IS FABULOUS!! Anita

  2. Oh my gosh V! I cannot believe you MADE that! That is incredible. You are awesome!

    When The Beard and I were in Venice we saw OODLES of shops FILLED with dolls (?? dolls?) like this. When you see a bunch of them together it gets a bit creepy...




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