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Friday, April 1, 2011

Paige arrives

As might be obvious to most,
Paige and Marcus
belong to a very flamboyant family.
No shrinking violets here!

Paige is my newest creation.
A sister for Marques.

Both of these One Of A Kind (OOAK) Art Dolls are Lilliput Loft originals.
They are mixed media creations.

Paige will be joining Marques, shortly,


  1. My oh my dearest, you are having a BLAST CREATING! SO am I. I am dying some paper in tea at the moment to make a special gift for someone. HAVE A FAB DAY! Anita

  2. OH I SO LOVE THAT HEADER!!! Dearest queen, I have entered your royal name into the pot for a chance at the BLUE BIRD WAND!!! TAH DAH!!! May you have much luck and if you win, wave it around in honor of whimsy and wonder!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND NOTES and it is quite wonderful being an April baby; Earth Day I believe, is the day after my Bday and SHAKESPHERE also has his BDAY on mine!!




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