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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Penquin People

Penguins cautiously reside

on our planet's underside,

where they're careful not to cough,

lest they trip and tumble off.

- by Jack Prelutsky

It all started with a Movie
called 'Happy Feet'.

Then it was cemented, last October, with a visit
to the Melbourne Aquarium,

where her mother bought her a
small collection of five plastic penquins
that cost about $14.
That was the start of a
beautiful friendship.

Elliana and her penquins.

None of us could really understand
the attraction at first.
These funny looking birds with
their flightless bodies,
were the last thing
 that we would have thought
would endear a small child
to themselves.

But Ellie could see something
that we were all missing.

So we paid some more attention
to the Penquin people,
and the more we learned
about these little guys,
dressed in their suits of black and white...

... how they all care for each other...

...and the shenanigans they each got up to...

...well, it became quite clear just how
endearing indeed, these little creatures are.

Though they are not made
of the same 'stuff' as her Bed Bunnies,
these cute guys take up a
large part of Ellie's playtime.

They are also fabulous bath toys
when it is her bath time.

Penquins have alway held some sort
of facination for children,
as is apparent from these old toys, below:
(now quite valuable, I might add!)

What  toy companion did you,
your child or grandchild, 
cherish during childhood??

Yes, as you may have guessed...
we are now ALL Penquin People.
(Photo taken at Melbourne Aquarium)


  1. It is truly special to see the bond that a child can have with a plaything....they become their playmates, friends, confidantes to some degree.....dolphins are loyal and strong willed...a perfect role-model :)

    My child loves dolphins these days....she has a fascination with the sea that I never felt. I love that she is her own individual and will do things I find uncomfortable...

    For me, I had a musical bunny....cranked and played til he no longer sang, eyes and nose chewed off by the family dog, fur worn with time and love....his name was Charlie. I can still here his fairy chime music in my ears :)

  2. PRECIOUS VICTORIA!!! This was so delightful, and to see you all is so wonderful. My dearest friend, I saw your email this morning from my classroom computer but my day was so full of teaching, meetings, grading and then a doctor's appointment after school. I attempted to email you from my cell phone, but something went terribly wrong with my email. Tonight at home, I am trying to get into the email, but I learned that it is possible that my email account was erased. It is an old account from the university I attended and it is possible that alumni accounts were cleaned out!!!!! I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you and wanted to get back to you!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP, it means the world to me!!!!! Blessings, Anita

  3. OOOOOO! FREE FONTS?I MUST LOOK INTO THAT! And.....I am going through the same thing with my HAIR TOO! WHen I was young, I had a mane on me that was splendid. I think I am trying to have another go at my youth,and even though I have very few grays without ever dying my hair, my hair just ain't what it used to be! Sooooooo.....I think I am going to chop it off....again! It is getting long, but it is annoying more than anything!!!!

    Gotta go be with the husband now, but sooooo good to talk to you. Peace and love to you, Anita



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