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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing in the Palace



  1. So sweet and charming!
    I'd love to support your daughter's treasuries too. Can you tell me her etsy name? I adore your treasuries. They are so inspiring. And dreamy!

  2. Thank you for visiting me and your nice comments.Oh yes,that Bible verse has become so important to me.I enjoy visiting your blog site because I can see you have much the same vision as I do.

  3. My gorgeous and most talented friend...Votre Majésté THIS IS A DARLING AND MAGICAL POST....SHEESH I wish I could see you in the eyes and tell you how much magic and wonder you bring to me when you visit me, with your kind words, and then upon my return to YOUR WORLD, I am doubly enchanted. As I scrolled down to read and see your wonder, I was intrigued. Before I could finish a sentence, all I could think about was HOW DID SHE DO THIS....then, as if you were showing us all along how you did it, you revealed the simplicity of it all...a sheet, some lights, in a simple room. But the twinkle of that child's smile, the cuteness of your puppy dog and of course your skills in photography had me flying high. Tell me dearest, WHERE DID YOU FIND THE FONT? Especially for the capital letters starting each sentence? Do tell???

    THANK YOU FOR THIS GLORIOUS POST and for your kind visit....Anita



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