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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Colourful journey


# 29 in my 'Photogenic' label
reflects where my thoughts have been lately.

Holi, also called the Festival of Colors,
is a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India and Nepal.

Why have I been thinking about this far away land,
you may ask?
Well, it is because our daughter and son-in-law
are taking our little grandaughter with them,
next month when they do a short mission in Kathmandu.

They may be right in time for the Spring Festival of Color.
I'm hoping for a colourful experience for them...
though maybe not this colourful!


  1. I've never heard of this festival. I learned something on your blog today! I wonder who cleans that up??? I hope your daughter, her husband, and little girl have a safe trip and a fun one too!


  2. WOW!!!!! THAT IT A GREAT WAY TO CELEBRATE COLOR!!!! Victoria dearest...thank you for coming on by yesterday dear, dear friend! We were out all day celebrating and just having the kind of fun we love...ambling around antique shops, plotting, planning, eating, laughing, that's us. We plan on more TODAY!!! Oh dear one, DO YOU HAVE SKYPE? It is free and simple to install into your computer. I just joined yesterday and if you have it, we could see and talk to each other on the computer!!!!!! WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN?

    Sending you warm wishes for a lovely evening. I met a lovely man yesterday who was from Melbourne...what fun it was to imagine hearing YOUR accent as I he spoke!


  3. Wow, how beautiful...and slightly eery in a way too right? overwhelming color.

    love it.




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