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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Girl

Just had to include a couple of shots of the very lovely bithday card that I recieved from my dear husband. I didn't know there were cards as beautiful as this out there. He said he looked long and hard to find it.

For my birthday John bought me a very sharp and beautiful knife set complete with a polished wooden holder. Very nice. Just what I wanted, and something I would never have bought for myself.

Well, apparently there is more than one very nice card out there for sale. As is seen from this lovely card given to me from Jill and Josh. Again, I am told, they took a long time to find just the right one for me. How blessed am I?

Josh and Jill bought me a beautiful large wooden cutting board to match the knife block...a bit of collaboration going on here, me thinks.

(Very nice!)

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