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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riverfire 2009

(Josh took this great shot)
Finally got around to uploading some photos taken during our evening with Josh, Jill, Elliana, John and myself aboard the Kookaburra Queen. This would be the final year the F1ll's would perform during Riverfire, so it was important to me that we not miss it. Each year I have a little whine about not being at Riverfire, and we usually just catch a fleeting glimpse as the F1ll flys over our house on it's way to Southbank...followed by a faint, very small dump and burn way off in the distance. Not this time!! AND, there were TWO F1ll's, just for good measure.

John had kept it a surprise as to where we would view the light show. So it was nice to discover we would get to experience the boat ride as well.

We first spent some time at Southbank Parklands, so Ellie could play in the water park and try out her lovely new pink and white togs. Unfortunately, she had a fall and landed on her face on the concrete. The poor little mite got a bruised nose and some scratches. But after a long cuddle from her daddy, she continued playing in the water.

We weren't sure how Ellie would re-act to the noise of Riverfire, after such a big day out, but she was ok about the whole night. After the Roulettes, the F1ll's, and the fireworks, she settled into a jive on the dance floor...and proceeded to charm all on board.

(Elliana on the Kookaburra Queen's dance floor - proving that she is no wall flower)

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