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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just potting about

Spent the morning repotting more white flowering plants. The backyard is looking a little bit lovely, actually. The serene colours of green and white are soothing to the eye, having just trimmed the tiny hedges of mock-orange, yesterday, and mowed the grass. The small flowering pale blue Lobielia groundcover is not coping too well with dry spells, and has died back in patches. Still, I will persevere with it as when it does do it's thing is superb.
The recent dust storms we have had, have not done any harm to the plants. My husband has been about spraying the clusters of clover in the lawn and also trying to rid the cycads of those tiny grey moths/grubs that do so much damage to the new shoots. He gets full marks for being persistent with the treatments. But, it is obvious that there is some damage already done. Rotten little things, those tiny grey moths!
(our cycads - during the recent dust storms- trying to survive all that nature throws at them)

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