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Friday, September 30, 2011

Are you QUIETLY curious??

If you are...

...then you might want to
tippy-toe over to here to
discover what we have had
in the works for
some time now.
(via our new blog)

It just gets
curiouser and curiouser...

...are those
magical pixie dust sparkles
I see radiating from my
very clever daughter's hands
trusty sewing machine???

Well...then that might explain how she keeps coming up with such delightful creations!!

(ps...while you are there, please don't forget to click in the sidebar on the 'networked blogs' thingy, and ensure you don't miss any news via facebook)



  1. WOW. Dearest, I am going over right now. Anita

  2. I was visiting Anita and she mentioned that you helped her with her banner. I find everything that you and your daughter creates lovely.
    I posted the treasury Lovely Ballerina on my blog today. I love Anita, and I adore your shop.

  3. My sweet Vicki...YOU ARE WONDERFUL! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and leaving that NURSERY RHYME!! teeeheeeee....BLOGGER CAN CERTAINLY BE A ......bugger! teeeheeee

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU MY FRIEND! OH! And a blogger friend came over during the weekend and LOVED THE DRESS! Well of course, it is GORGEOUS! Anita



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