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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Families


What a rumpus!!!

Such a commotion!!!

When I looked out
to see what all the noise was about,
I found a little 'Noisy Minor', (or 'Happy Family', as we know them by),
looking for something to stuff into her babies very loud and squawking beaks.

I tossed out a piece of multi grain bread,
onto the table outside our kitchen window.

The harried little mother
was quick to gobble up
a huge beakful of bread
in an effort to help silence
the demanding pair of offspring.


Who were perched up on our house guttering, above. So cute...but OH SO NOISY!!!!

Yes I know nature is supposed to be wonderful and all...but really.
The sound these little blighters create is very much like a loud squeaky plastic toy.


  1. Teeeheee! Oh Vicki dearest, YOU CAME TO VISIT ME! I woke up late and was unable to visit this morning from home, so here I am on my prep hour trying to connect. THANK YOU for the link, and your comments. WHAT a lovely world nature provides for us to run away from the madness of the working world and BREATH IN!!! You see the magic with your should see the little crown and where I have it. It looks so wonderful and I will cherish it always!!!! LOVE, Anita

  2. We have a family of magpies that come for breakfast and sometimes for tea. They all sit under our pergola and sing until I feed them. I'm lucky tho, I love listening to their song.

  3. Oh, I just had to come by to see these little fellers again! I LOVE MY PILLOW AND CROWN DEAREST!!! Anita

  4. Oh the squawking! They are quite lucky to have you!


  5. What great pictures! We have mockingbirds here in Texas that sound like car alarms. They don't have a real song. They string all these other birds' songs(mimic). So loud and so annoying over and over. Drives you nuts. Especially when they sing all night!

  6. They're very sweet looking :)
    We get the most annoying sounding baby birds in the Summer, Scrub Jays. SO obnoxious!

  7. VICKI!!!! HAPPY EASTER DEAREST! Now isn't this little BUNNY on your header the cutest of all? Is that you darlin'? YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! BLESSINGS TO ALL, and yes, isn't George the Lad a rascal? How on earth does one make a dog smile? He always smiles! He is quite a remarkable our Lord must rejoice to watch us enjoy HIS creations!!!! HAPPY EASTER! Anita



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