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Thursday, April 7, 2011

'Chantilly'...lace and a pretty face

"Je suis une fille française" my latest Art Doll.


She loves the era of
Marie Antoinette.

Lots of  lace and ruffles,
stockings and bustles.

Corsets, coiffure and cleavage,
gloves and jewels.

Chantilly will soon join my other Art Dolls,
Marques and Paige,

where they will continue to tête à tête about such French delights as Moulin Rouge, the Eiffle Tower and the Notre Dame, while they enjoy an aperitif with a patisserie.


  1. DEAREST VICKY, THIS IS SUPERBE!!!!!!!!!! And the colors, well, she is sporting my favorite color, AQUA! You are a true artist my dear!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY, Anita

  2. VICKY DEAREST!!!! It looks as if your FILLE FRANCAISE is ready to come to the beach with us to celebrate a French birthday party at the beach!!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER! And dearest, It seems as if you tried to SKYPE last weekend? I was in and out of the house and I believe I sent you a are you my dear? CREATING MORE? Oh, the FUNNNNNN!

    Enjoy your day, Anita

  3. She's amazing! How do you make these wonderful dolls? They are exquisite! WOW!!! I love those outfits too.



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