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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Women drivers?


Poor Wallace has a tiger
in the back and
a teddy at the wheel.

It's all just child's play.

I had the delightful task of babysitting
our Elliana this week,
while her mother had to run a few errands.

It is always just child's play!
to look after her.

Ellie is such an amazing little girl.
Very well behaved, kind and caring...
that's our Ellie♥

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  1. Precious friend, artist, grand mère and soul....thank you for coming to visit with me and read and RE-READ my post; that is what I want my readers to do...not to hoard their attention, but rather to READ BETWEEN THE you know the works of Mary Oliver???? Well, a dear colleague of mine came over Friday night for dinner and a NIGHT OF POETRY....we read some of her works and one piece of prose in particular hit me...she took the title and discretely incorporated it into the prose about 3/4 of the way into the reading. It was very effective and I had wanted to try it. So basically I had taken the idea of how I VISIT CERTAIN BLOGGER FRIENDS EVERY MORNING...then I started backwards by saying "I had a dream"....then I had wanted to touch about the idea that as we peel away the layers of our life to find the ESSENTIAL for living and eventually dying, we find life. THEN, for style's sake, I said, "See you in the morning" about 3/4 of the way down, hoping it would have that IMPACT as I saw in Oliver's work. I have a long way to go until I can write like her or any other published artist, but it sure was FUNNNNNNNNN!!!! How are you dear? Your little one is on her way to being a WOMAN DRIVER, carrying all her mates in the back seat!!! She is so, so sweet! Thank you again for your visits; your artist flair is stunning, your kind words are encouraging, and your life if precious. Fondly, Anita



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