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Monday, February 14, 2011

Stashing the Loot

My very first 'giveaway' has come to a close.
Thanks to all who participated by leaving a lovely comment and such.
loved reading all of your kind remarks, and am delighted that so many people were so enchanted with our 'Forest'.
 I was going to have the internet do a
random draw.
but then a thought occured to me...

Being the 'visual' sort of person that I am, the thought of a gaggle of numbers on my blog was not that appealing.

Soooo...I engaged the help of my little 2 year old granddaughter, aka Captain Elle G.

She was soon coaxed 
(with a chocolate ladybird)

to indulge me my visual/creative yearnings, and donned the Pirate Captain's outfit...minus the Cpt Jack Sparrow moustache and beard, for a photo shoot of the draw.

Ellie: "Not a moustache and beard, Nanni..."
Me: "Oh...OK  :/ "

All the names of the entrants
were cut up into thin strips
of paper and coiled,

and went into the musketeers hat.
Then the serious business
of drawing ONE winner was upon us.

Cap'ain Elle G was asked to reach
in and pick out one lucky winner.

Ta dah!!!

("We'll just be needin' ONE, Cap'ain.")


Drum roll please....Captain Elle G's bottom lip protrudes as she concentrates on untwirling the thin strip of paper bearing the winner's name.

"Don't keep us in suspenders!! Cap'ain,
show us who the winner is!!"

With so much excitment in the air...
"Hold it still, so we can read it!!!"

And the winner is....


Johanna has her own blog named 'JohannaParkerDesigns', and it IS a little ironic that she is the winner of this tiny papier mache crown. You see, Johanna is a papier mache folk artist!

(I will be in touch with Johanna, to find out where in the world this tiny crown is to be posted.)

Thankyou to all who entered.
If you didn't win the
Frog Prince's Wee Golden Crown,

and you had your heart set on it...
don't despair,
as I have made another which I have listed on Etsy, in Lilliput Loft.

hmmm...I wonder what I can come up with for my next giveaway...??


  1. OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CROWN! Congrates to the LUCKY WINNER!!! Oh Vicki, your post was so darling and that new header, did you draw that sweet faery????? YOU ARE MAGICAL MY DEAR, and your sweet words to me today has filled my heart with much joy over the fact that someone could even be so kind as to express such praise. YOU AS WELL, you are a fine human being, courageous, visionary and full of LIFE and compassion. How wonderful is this land of Blog where we can visit each other anytime of the day or night, unlike real time where we would almost be imposing o someone at 2:00am!!! I can barely see my dear friends at work due to our constraining schedules!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU DEAR HEART, and that crown, OH DEAR, what sweetness!

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO SEE MY ROOMS! They are literally going to take months to get that "brocante" patina I am hoping for !!!!

    MILLE BISES, Anita

  2. Oh MY Goodness!!! Seriously?? Your adorable little Cap'ain chose me? What fun :) You give her a mighty big squeeze and tell her how happy I am to be the chosen one. And thank you many times over for making such a sweet 'lil crown! I look forward to placing it on my shelf of delights in my studio!!

    Hugs and thanks to you all that live in the enchanted forest :)
    ~ Johanna

  3. This is the sweetest drawing I have ever not won. :) Thanks for making the reveal so special!

  4. What a sweetie that Elle is! Congrats, Johanna :)



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