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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes we need a nudge

Having not picked up a pencil in quite a few years,
I was a bit apprehensive about fullfilling a request
for Jodi, who wanted me to do a drawing of her
two beautiful daughters, Holly and Ruby.

My first thought was to!!!

Then I told myself not to be such a wimp, and to at least try!

To my utter delight,
I soon found myself enjoying the whole ordeal.

In fact, not such an ordeal after all!
And I was able to provide Jodi with
a drawing of her little girls...
which made me very happy.
You see, Jodi and her daughters
are especially lovely people.

Thanks Jodi,
for giving me the little nudge that I needed.


PS... If you haven't already left a comment  on my
there is still time to be in the draw,
as it ends on Valentine's Day.


  1. It turned out so wonderfully! Our minds tend to not give our talents the credit they deserve sometimes! Art is like exercise...complete with muscle memory....

    You are very talented, indeed!

  2. Oh my gosh!! This is amazing!!!! I can't believe you were nervous have SO much talent!! Keep drawing!!

  3. Does your creativity know no bounds? The drawing is so beautiful, your friend must have been thrilled! Rachaelxx

  4. VICTORIA!!!! I KNEW YOU WERE A WIZ with paper mache but ILLUSTRATION TOO? Teeheee, and I am here scribbling little girls with balloons that look like they should go in a coloring book!!! Dearest, how kind of you to say that my blog is your all-time favorite!!! Hmmmm, from my computer, the photos are clear as a bell! BUT, whenever I go into your blog, I get a message with a WARNING sign that says BANDWITH EXCEEDED....but at least we can still enter into each others worlds! You are so creative and kind to visit. What a lovely world we have when we LOVE....have a happy and marvelous day in HIM...Anita

  5. OH! About those pink trees! WEll, that photo, I am not sure where it is or if it was enhanced, BUT in both Boston, Massachusetts where I lived for 11 years and here in Minnesota, we have what are called Crabapple trees. When there are a bunch of them together, and if you have the pink variety, it can look quite HEAVENLY and surreal! But perhaps this photo is enhanced.....

  6. Victoria,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, coming from Anita's! What a beautiful pencil drawing, truly wonderful. You must be thrilled that this underlying talent has re-emerged!!! One never knows until trying, and Who knows what beauty will continue to be formed from your hand and heart... I am so happy to have 'met' you. Anita is such a dear isn't she?!?

    ~ Violet

  7. This turned out beautifully!!!

  8. Oh Victoria, you are extremely talented. Thanks for sharing your work as it gives me inspiration. I stand in awe (as I do every time I look at the French mobile you made in Amelia's room!).


  9. Victoria, As I browsed your blog I was amazed by the beautiful things you have made!

    ~ Violet



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