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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Riverfire 2010

This mosaic marks the perfect spot
to set up 'camp' for our long nine hour wait for Riverfire to begin.

Perfectly positioned to view the city and the river.
Far from being boring and tedious,
it was a delicious rest and quite enjoyable
to just sit and watch the goings on around us.

Below: One of the barges full of explosives was moored right in front of us.

Elliana thoroughly enjoyed the morning at Kodak Beach, at Southbank.
And caught some zzz's  in her stroller, before the evening started.

The river was a hive of activity all day, with boats, ferries, tugboats, City Cats etc.
As the evening slowly approached, the city took on a very pretty glow.

At 7pm, the F111 arrived on time to show off with a few LAST dump and burns,

then it was..."SHOWTIME!!"

Fireworks exploded from the barges, the bridges and the buildings.

It was a wonderful day, spent with wonderful people.

To view last years dump and burn by the FI11's, click here to find the links.

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