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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"How does your garden grow?"

...without water, and any attention???

Well, my friend Laurel recently commented on her azaleas,
and that reminded me that I do still have some of my own.
Inspite of me totally neglecting them for the past year or so.
So I went out to the side nook and the above photos are shots of what I found.

I was stunned.
With absolutely NO care they have not just survived, but also put on quite a display for me.
I felt a bit sheepish and promised to try to take better care of them in the future.
You see, after the long drought that we had these past years, and after losing 15 topiary azaleas, and also being winter, I was dismayed had sort of lost interest in my garden.

These photos below, are of the same garden a long while ago.
Yes...I promise to get back into my garden and love it to bits again.

Then I thought to go back and look at some previous photographs of my better days, and perhaps inspire me some more...

Ahhhh yes, now that Spring is upon us, I will make a return to my garden, and enjoy.

(For some more photos of my garden, just type 'garden' into the search box at the top of my blog.)


  1. Your garden is beautiful, Vicki! I am glad I have inspired you to dabble in the dirt once again. I find gardening a great relaxation, possibly more so than stitching, because there isn't quite as much concentration required.


  2. Dear Victoria,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Your garden is incredible!! I know how it can change when you don't have time or the energy to put into it but it always surprises us with it's own self beauty even if we've neglected it. What a stunning place and I love azaleas, all flowers really.
    Love the White Rabbits on a previous post. How adorable is that??!! I have always adored the White Rabbit from Alice.

    Have a beautiful week! Hugs, Sherry

  3. Oh my!

    You actually made me think twice about the autumn thing. I thought - okay, maybe that's fair - but then I thought again! ;)

    Alright. I kind of sort of see your point just a little bit but if we could at least have some light? Not just four hours a day? Pweease? I know it evens out in summer when the nights don't get dark but... it's craziness!



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