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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

John and I spent the weekend up with Mum for Mother's Day. We did the special meal on Saturday evening to avoid the usual crowds the next day. As always, our prefered choice of restaurant while in Noosa was Madissons. Where we all ordered the Tasmanian Salmon. Yummo!

For relaxation and to keep herself busy, Mum has taken to knitting coloured squares. These are then sent to others, who stitch the squares together to create blankets for the babies in Africa. Very bright colours are prefered.

I did some more crafting of felt bunting African animals, (hmmm...seems to be an African theme happening here...) and John explored mum's small garden and was pleasantly surprised to find cocoons and also two little green frogs living amongst it all. they were only babies, about an inch in length...and super cute.

There is a potted plant that mum has which is kind of special. You see, it has Dad's ashes in it. It was decided that this would be the prefered way to store his ashes, so that the pot could be moved if mum had to move house again. It has his favourite flower in it, which is growing very well. A bit ironic that mum doesn't actually like the flower but it was dad's favourite and he never had it growing while he was alive.

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