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Sunday, May 16, 2010

High Culture

John and I took Josh, Jill and Elliana with us today, to visit the Gallery of Modern Art at Southbank. There is a fabulous exhibition on at the moment featuring the Australian hyperrealist sculptor, Ron Mueck. His creations really are superb, right down to the veins under the skin and each tiny body hair. Above is a self portrait of the artist. A very large self portrait! His other works included a lot of confronting human flesh...warts and all! Everything showing very intricate details. Quite wonderful to wander amongst. The exhibition continues until the 1st August, if you would like to see it, and costs $12 per person (children under 12 are free)

This 'Wild Man' was my favourite. Though every single sculpture is exquisite.

Above: 'Dead Dad' was created a little smaller than life size (thankfully!) or we would have been checking he was not a real corpse!!

Afterwards, after a stop for coffee and a bite to eat,

we wandered around  and explored what was also on display for free. We found lots of wonderful stuff, including dinosaurs and a series of air vents which Ellie found irrisistably delightful to stand over!

Below: Ellie enjoying a 'Marilyn Monroe moment'.



  1. OMG! Those sculptures are amazing and a bit creepy! It looks like you had a fabulous day!

  2. wow, those sculptures are incredible .. it must be the weirdest feeling walking around though, i'm sure it must feel like your in the land of giants .. i'd be expecting on of them to go 'boo'! I love little Ellie's marilyn moment, too cute :D



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