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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sea for yourself.

The three weeks spent relaxing in Iluka were just beautiful. John had found the perfect house to rent, right on the water, with lots of room and very modern and clean. We enjoyed the rainy weather for the first week and a half, and then the company of our kids and their little families, as they all came down to visit towards the end of the second week, and try their hand at some fishing. The fish were on the small side, so most had to be returned to the water, but there were enough to feed us a few times. Madison caught her first fish and then continued to catch more. Some people just have a knack with fishing. John's mum has the same knack.
We always knew what the tide was doing...all we had to do was look over the back veranda.

(above: Shark Bay)

(above: fishing from the rock wall, with a surf rod. Below: trolling through the seaway)

(above: Josh trying out the tube...I'm afraid he ended up with bruised ribs)

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