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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Fish Tale

I love fishing at night! So peaceful and private. It's kinda like having the sea all to oneself, as you are not that aware of any other boats too near. Also you can't get sunburned. John and I went fishing with Jillian last weekend, and stayed out all night. Awesome! The sea was as calm as a mill pond, and the catch was a good one. We anchored in the seaway, down the Gold Coast, after first collecting enough yabbies for bait, on the sandbanks, and some small fish for live bait, with the net. Life really does not get much better than this!

As well as numerous whiting, bream and flathead...Jill caught a lovely sweet lip and I caught a mulloway (jew), both of which were the best tasting fish ever! John is an expert at filleting a fish, so there were no bones as usual, and our fish served us tea for the next three nights, cooked on the BBQ. We let Josh and Jill keep all the other fish. Josh has learnt how to properly fillet a fish, so there were no bones to bother them during their meals. Looking forward to the next' night fishing trip'!

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  1. could feel the sand where the boat was moored and you guys were getting your bait and understand all too well the ocean the stars the lap of water at is just plain oldfashioned therapy for me...even if i dont catch a thing...its the peace not the pace but was excited by your catch...thanks



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