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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little charmer

For me, browsing through a large Spotlight store, is one way of having an enjoyable day. It is not normal for me to walk away without purchasing something. Jill and I took Ellie with us to the one at Mt Gravatt, yesterday. The store decorater( a young male with very short hair and two large hole earings in his earlobes) has been very busy with, draping maniquins with different fabrics and setting up Halloween and Christmas displays. There are large spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, reindeer, fake snow etc etc, you get the idea. Ellie loved the balloons throughout the store...especially the ones with black spiders on them. I told her that they would frighten Miss Muffett away if she saw them. I bought her a balloon and she picked out a lovely pink one for herself. She tried on a few different you do, when you are into the 'putting things on your head' phase. Quickly snapped these two shots of Elliana, as we wandered around the store.
She also, loves to look at all the pretty things...just like her mommy and nanni do. Ellie has the added necessity to 'charm as many people as she meets'. It was humerous to watch her weave her magic on one old dear, in particular. As she passed by, Ellie jumped in front of her and just stood there looking up, with those amazing eyes, and wouldn't let her pass. The old lady tried to fob her off with a simple 'hello'. But Ellie was having none of that. She wanted complete undivided attention, and a conversation of some duration, before she would let this old woman go. Sooo cute!!!! Hilarious. It always amazes me how many smiles she puts on people's faces, in a day.
Any day spent with these two 'favourite people' is pure enjoyment. Yesterday was no different.

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