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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"There are always flowers for those who what to see them." - Henri Matisse

Stunningly exquisite perfume. Beautiful plant with small white flowers and gorgeous glossy green leaves. That is how I would describe our Star Jasmine. I have trained it into a topiary, by initially inserting a pipe into the potted soil after John had welded a metel round ball-like plant frame on top. And each spring it astounds me with it's abundant display of flowers. mmmm...lovely! We are bombarded with it's heady fragrance, whenever we walk in the back yard.

The white impatiens are surprising me too this year. In the previous years, I have overlooked them for for expensive flowering plants...which never performed as well as I had hoped they would. This spring, I gave up with the flamboyantly priced plants and settled instead for the humble punnets of impatiens. Well. They have been nothing short of spectacular!

The white wisteria is always a delight...but you mustn't blink, or you might miss it. It's beautiful blooms do not last very long, but they are worth the wait until the next time they bloom, and they have a delicate perfume. It is entwined with a purple wreath vine, which looks a bit like a wisteria. and flowers just prior to, during the wisteria flowers, and long after the wisteria have faded. At it's peak (both flowers at the same time) it is breathtaking!
(white wisteria mixing it up with the purple wreath vine, also known as the 'sandpaper vine' as it's leaves have a feel of very fine sandpaper to them )
Our zoysia grass is starting to spead up it's growth as spring is now here. It should completely cover the far garden bed in our backyard by the end of summer. The 'wabbits' seem to look particularly happy sitting amongst the firm mounds of the short spikey grass. Our backyard is now home to fourteen of these pottery creatures, which originally were meant to inhabit the Faery Grotto. I quickly became addicted to their charm and now they seem to have bred like rabbits!...all through the backyard.

Just a update on that Fraser Island's flowers have now opened further so I thought I'd include some new shots of these blooms. I kept my hand in the photo so it is possible to see just how big the flowers really are. Huge huh?

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