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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Turquoise Twilight...

...through our front door.

Hmmm...perhaps I should have included some
green coloured fairylights
amongst the pretty blue bulbs,
then it may just have succeeded in being a
true turquoise theme this year.

Starting with tiny 3M hooks,
(the ones that un-stick without doing damage to the walls)
 a long set (200 leds) of warm white led fairylights
was then strung across our foyer.
LEDs are wonderful
because they do not give out heat
to become a fire hazard.

My Knight watched on in curiosity.
Wondering where I was going
with this years Christmas decorating.

Once the lights were in place,
it was time to add the sheer nylon fabric.
I have had this particular piece of white fabric
for a very long time.
It measures approximately 18m in length.
Over the years it has been
used time and again throughout the house,
draped over windows or doors, etc.
It makes a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.

I did previously warn you
that I was not going to a
great deal of effort
with this years decorating.

Just a few baubles and beading
with a splash of the pretty turqoise colour, to compliment the white.

The large decorative glass bowl
was a real find at a bargain price,
at the weekend markets some years ago.

A white glitter coated, plastic reindeer
(inexpensive from Lincraft)
and a glass votive candle holder...

...join with the 'Katherine's Collection' fairy,
(not so inexpensive!)

along with some glitter covered plastic snowflake cutouts and white poinsettias
 make up the bulk of the display.

The four tiny white Christmas trees,
were purchased late last year, during the sales, for a few dollars each.
(now you can see that I really do spend about a year thinking of what our next years Christmas display will be!)

Two inexpensive plastic beaded curtains hang in the opening between our foyer and lounge room.
(again using those wonderful 3M hooks...only, big ones this time)


A couple of lengths of faux icicles
(polyester wadding held in place using just the sticky pads from the tiniest 3M hooks)

and a few more glittery cutout snowflakes...

Yes...I really am being very lazy this year, as I have not even put up our 'proper' Christmas tree.
Instead, I have opted for just the fibre optic one, which takes all of 2 minutes to assemble!

With its white twiggy branches and a few little glass baubles
it puts on quite a dazzling show come nightfall.

I was lucky enough to find these little hearts which go perfectly with this years theme.
(I think I got them from Myer or David Jones...?)

Sorry to disappoint anyone who
was expecting something showing
a bit more effort.
In years past I have spent many days on the decorating.
This was accomplished in just one day.

But I am just a bit out of oomph,
as the year draws to a close.

In all the prettiness and buildup to Christmas,
be sure to make time to remember exactly WHY we celebrate this lovely season.

HE is the reason. 

Merry Cristmas
to all those who stop by to read my little blog.

May the coming year 2012 be kind to all.


  1. Perfect!Since I've been in my late 50s I just can't muster up as much decorating as I use to that my daughter's host Christmas.I keep asking myself,"Should I give them all my decorations from their growing up years?"You did a sparkling beautiful job.

  2. Very pretty. It must be a delight to walk into your home. Laurel

  3. Oh dearest one, I am so happy to see your home and it is clearly a most REGAL AND HOMEY AND LOVELY PLACE! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THE BLUES!!!!!!! What an array of light and love and YES, HE IS THE REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita


    LOVE LOVE LOVE every word of yours. And this post is so fabulous!!!!! Gotta run now for school!!! BISOUS, Anita



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