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Saturday, August 27, 2011

You start with a box.

After you have
gathered together
a few kitchen utensils,
along with an apple,
some milk and butter... put the cake mix
into a mixing bowl.

Then you carefully
crack three eggs
into the cake mix.

Add  a couple of
tablespoonfulls of butter
into the mix.

After you add the cup of milk,
you can start to blend everything together on low speed.

Once you have everything nicely blended,
you can turn up the speed
and mix at high speed
for three minutes.
(watch your fingers don't get near the beaters...or it will hurt)

When you have finished
with the mixing part,
you can then lick the beaters clean...

...followed by the bowl.



Once you have poured all the mix into a cake tin,
then you can neatly place the
sliced apple pieces on top.

After about 45 minutes in the oven, 
you will have a very yummy
Apple Cinnamon Tea Cake
to share with Poppi when he gets home from work.


(do you know how delightful it can be to watch a three year old crack eggs into a mixing bowl??)

Thankyou 'Cherish your Cherubs Project' by Naomi at 'Seven Cherubs', for allowing me to share with you our very delightful granddaughter, Elliana.


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  2. GOOD MORNING DEAREST!!! Watching your sweetie here reminds me of when I was her age. I stood on a stool, with mum directing me IN SPANISH, how to make brownies!!!!! Oh the joy. Oh, I wish I could participate in this blog hop, but SCHOOL starts tomorrow! If you don't hear from me right away on FB or on Blogger, it is only because my hours will be spent more in the classroom. But I promise to get around to every one ASAP!


  3. What a gorgeous cherub you have and I so love the pictures. Great to find your blog and now I am feeling like cake and baking! N x



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