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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Debonair and looking very dapper,

is Reuben,

in spite of his wayward hair.

The gold embroidered epaulettes on his shoulders and also decorating his jacket sleeve cuffs, have a tale to tell all on their own. 

They had spent 30 years being buried under the remains of the Brisbane 1974 flood.
A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be told about a 'stash' of goodies that had long been forgotten. This stash was underneath an old house that once doubled as a doll hospital or some such thing. The house had completely gone under during the flood. Now in the throws of being renovated, the old house was being cleared of all 'rubbish' which was underneath the house. Though still covered with much mud which had long since dried, most of the 'goodies' were enclosed inside sealed plastic bags. So once I opened the bags, I found quite a treasure trove of undamaged pretty trims and such.

Reuben's epaulettes were one such item. As luck would have it, there were four of these to be found, and I have waited for just the right project to use them. They seemed destined to adorn his beautiful jacket.

above: Joining the rest of the gang.


  1. GOOD MORNING VICKI!!! Actually, for me it is late evening and I am off to bed, but REUBEN IS ABSOLUTELY CHARMING as all of your creations are dearest! I cannot wait to be done with school so I can keep up with all of you much more efficiently because I love the world you created dearest! How are you? I want to wish you a happy Mother's you celebrate that where you live?

    May God's grace always be upon you dear friend. Anita

  2. What a gang, indeed!!! Thank YOU precious, for visiting me last night and PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME for the hope that awaits us all. Have a fabulous day with all your children and grandchildren!!! Anita

  3. VICKI DEAREST!!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING BY AND SAYING YOU WOULD PARTICIPATE IN MY PARIS PARTY! I am putting your name on my list RIGHT NOW with your link. THANK YOU SO MUCH and you can post on anything related to Paris: ART, CUISINE, DECOR, FASHION, POETRY, Literature.....anything dearest! HOW ARE YOU? I have been so inundated with work at school it is frightening. A Paris excursion is a DIVERSION for me to get my mind off the stress!

    Have a wonderful day, Anita

  4. Hi Vicki

    You may not remember me. I am Anita's husband and author of Rattus Scribus (to which I have not posted since Sept but which Anita has inspired me to keep doing).

    I have to say, that I think too many men are missing the kind of inspiring creativity and relationships that I see so often on the sites that I have come to know through Anita's blog.

    The talent here is incredible.

    Have a great day.
    PS, Rattus is back. This time the rumors are true.



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