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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Papier Boudoir' petite paper dresses

Don't you just love the smell of brand new paper.
There is something about it that takes me straight back to my high school days and the start of each new school year.
I think it is because, that was probably the only time of the year when I got to own something that was brand new.

I love office supplies stores (like Officeworks)
and I can get quite heady as I take in a few DEEP breaths while walking through the aisles.
Secretly swooning as I pick up a folder or two
and poke my nose into the pages...ahhhh...*paper bliss*

I also love the smell and feel of old books.
There is something strangly comforting about them.
So much life has touched each page,
yellowed with the passing of time.

(iPad ...just NOT the same feeling)

above: Music Box Dancer - with tulle

I bought a couple of old library books
a few weeks ago,
during one of their charity weekends.
I had tried to tear up
some old books that I had at home,
but I just couldn't do it...except for the old phone book.
So I decided that I had to buy some 
with the specific purpose to be torn up.

I also love ballet dancers and the theatre,

so beautifully graceful and elegant.

Full of whimsy and fantasy.

above: Music Box Dancer

These two loves of mine have come together
with the creation of these tiny dresses.

I've made a few little paper dresses
to sell in Lilliput Loft.
(my Etsy shop)

above: Ballerina

above: Little Dress

After I have made the tiny coathangers
from a piece of wire,
they are then spray painted with a
couple of coats of white paint.

These petite dresses are a great way to use those tiny pieces of trim and ribbon that are often left over from other craft projects.

Now...I'm off to tear up some more paper.
See ya!


  1. Your dresses are exquisite! I tried to make one a couple months ago but it didn't look anything like yours. These are just so beautiful. I love them!


  2. GOOD MORNING DEAR ONE! I am terribly late, but these photos of your recent work are just stunning....I LOVE PAPER! I have my own little workshop down in my basement and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Paper is my favorite medium at the moment.....these are wonderful. Love, Anita



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