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Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy Bee

While taking a wander through my garden,
I came across a peculiar sight.

Someone had cut very neat holes in our Heliconia leaves.

As I stood staring at the strange spectacle,
a large bee buzzed by me and landed on the leaves,
and proceeded to slice herself another chunk of leaf.
It only took her a matter of seconds to do this,
and then she was off and making her way to her secret nest.

I raced inside and grabbed My Knight and my camera,
and together, we watched for signs of when the clever little cleaver bee would return.

Then My Knight saw her.

Carrying a slice of leaf, she very quickly disappeared
into the end of our watering wand.

We just looked at each other in astonishment.

Soon, the busy little bee again appeared from her, now not so secret, nest.

The little bee paid no attention to either of us,
as we wrangled for a better look at her hidey-hole.

We stayed to watch as she went about her chores,

This time, the bougainvillia was her leaf of choice.

We saw her quickly speed back to her hidden construction site,
carrying a large chunk of leaf.

above: dragging the piece of leaf inside

As each new piece was added to her patchwork quilt inside the nest,
she ventured out once more to

hunt and gather
another small piece to complete her youngun's nursery.

The garden is always full of surprises.
I can always discover something new,
each time I take the time to enjoy it.

Mr Google was happy to provide me with these next few photos
of the 'Leaf Cutter Bee':

Have you made time lately to
take a wander in your own garden?
There will no doubt,
be lots of wonders
just waiting for you
to rest, and enjoy.


  1. Wow! I never knew about this!

    Good thing you discovered her before you used that hose!

    Great photos :)

  2. Dearest friend,

    Look at this....I need to get you on my blog roll, so I DO NOT MISS what is happening in your enchanting world!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN THESE TYPES OF BEES! And how right you are...I have a lovely garden and in two months, I will be able to inspect the wonders that await me. How darling YOUR CAT IS WITH HIS CROWN!!! You most definitely have royal blood running through your homestead!!! And in light of all the tragedies dearest, I come to visit with you and thank you for your kind comments. It is all too big and awful to understand, but when we come to Him, He is the only one that knows the pain of our hearts. May our prayers make a difference for our neighbors not only in Japan, but in Christchurch, and all the other parts of the world where suffering continues. Bless you dear heart, Anita

  3. I'm so glad I stopped by - the bee is amazing... and I am so glad you found her before it was too late... I had no idea bees did this! thanks for sharing :O)

    Loving your cat - mine would no way allow me to do this! LOL

  4. Oops - just realized the cat belongs to someone else!



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