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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home for Christmas 2010 - The Tree

A theme of RED.
That was what I had decided on for the tree this year.
I even purchased a new set
of Red LED fairylights that twinkle on and off,
to mix in with the red bulb sets of lights that we already owned.
After taking my time, carefully winding the LED fairylights onto the tree,
I was shocked to discover, our tree glowing BLUE!! when I switched them on.
I had accidently picked up the other packet of new Blue LED fairylights
that I had also purchased (for next Christmas perhaps).
You see, the new LED all look the same when they are not switched on.
Not like the old bulbs.
Moral of the story:
plug them in BEFORE putting them on the tree...
to make sure they are the colour you want.

Anyway... I just stood there in shock, looking at our Blue Christmas Tree.

NO. That would not do.
I had to persist and remove the offending coloured lights, and start again.

This year had to be RED...
I'd had it all planned for months.

The Tree is set up in the space
between the foyer and the family room.

This would allow more room to move in the lounge room,
when our little visitors arrived for the big day.

Above: Both these cherubs were purchased a few years ago,
very cheaply, from Kmart.

Some new ROSE fairylights
(purchased from Jo at 'Flights Of Fancy' on Mt Tamborine)
mixed in nicely with the fabric roses I already had.
These lights are made from real skeleton leaves, and are just so beautiful.
The photo does not do them justice.

Above: Looking back through the family room into the foyer

Lots and lots and lots of RED!

Above: The elaborate 'JOY' and
these flat baubles, below, were a purchase
  from the WORD Bookstore,
a couple of years ago.

These beautiful papier mache creations were purchased well over a decade ago...
when the shops used to sell the 'good stuff'. Quality Christmas decorations.
Every year they bring a smile to my face as I put them in position in the tree.
They are so light and yet quite bulky.
Nowadays these would probably be made from resin
and weigh too much for the branch tips to bear.

Next : the 'Lounge Room'...

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Victoria! First let me thank you for your visit all the way from Australia and it is so good to see you! THEN, THIS MONOCHROMATIC THEM OF RED against the creamy white background IS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING! You have a LOVELY HOME and to see that last picture with the lit up RED TREE is just beautiful. This year my theme is TURQUOISE and silver and I love it so. Making color themes in this sense is so fun!!

    Enjoy these next several weeks up until the big celebration; it is so fun to make things and I have been making glittery objects in my workshop.




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