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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home for Christmas 2010 - Family Room

Alright already!

Enough of the RED!

Time for a change...

A hint of pale pinks and greens mixed between a lot of white

is what is needed now.

Our white fibre optic tree always looks amazing!

Especially at night!!

It has constantly changing colours twinkling through it's branches.

Not a whole lot of ornaments.

Just a few to embellish the clear glass candlestick holders

and an assortment of decorative clear glass 'lolly jars'(for want of a better word)

which have been found over the years at various flea markets, antique and opp shops.

No Christmas would be complete without a

sweet Nativity scene.

Again, purchased many many years ago, and very lightweight.

Made of paper and a very small amount

of resin or plastic for the hands and faces.

Below, is a composite photo of the fibre optic Christmas Tree at NIGHT.

Hope all this has set you in a festive mood,

and inspired you to create a


your loved ones can come home to.


  1. I have been checking out all your Christmas decorations and your home looks so very beautiful...thankyou for sharing x

  2. The white and pastels is my favorite way to decorate for Christmas. It looks beautiful! I love the roses and all your sparkle! GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Dearest Victoria,

    YOU HAVE BLESSED ME SO IN SEVERAL WAYS...your dear comment made me have shivers and chills of awe. That I made tears come down was enough to make me feel so blessed, but your statement about GODHEAD merging with MANHOOD really spoke volumes of truth. Next to the resurrection, this has to be one of the greatest acts of mercy humankind will ever know. And to hear it put this way, filled me with such joy. Honestly, when I was writing this post on Friday night, I was so tired that I was frustrated that my ideas were not coming out eloquently....but the spirit urged me to stop and leave it as is, and I am happy I did.

    Your décor is stunning. I SO LOVE THAT HEART simple, so clean and EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HERE IS WHAT I CRAVE...simplicity.

    Bravo dear friend, you have blessed me so.


  4. P.S., my turquoise and white Christmas is STUNNING, but I have attempted to photograph my little white tree and my mantle, but the lighting in my home is not optimum at the moment; we are adding on two rooms and the house is a wreck! My drapes are dark at the moment, so light is at a minimum here. BUT YES, BLUE, AQUA, TURQUOISE and white are the way to go for me this year, as you have opted for white with a dash of pink!! Anita

  5. You have such an amazing, gorgeous collection of decorations. It must have taken some time to gather them all. I'm really only just starting mine.. The colour scheme is stunning, you really have a talent! Rachaelxx

  6. Love all the white.
    Pics with white furniture look like a wedding chapel
    wonderful and lovely!

    barbara jean

  7. I love your fibre optic tree with the crystals and snowflakes! I just purchased some crystals for the tree myself this year but don't have them yet. You decorations are beautiful. Thank so much for inviting me over to see everything!

  8. White and pure as snow...that is what the Christmas Child can offer us, and your room so reminds me of that Miracle.
    May the Spirit of Christmas fill your heart and your home all year, Rose

  9. Dearest Victoria!

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT AND FOR SUCH KINDNESS!!! I am so amazed and blessed to see how each one of us can share our vision of beauty, wit, whim and wisdom HERE in blogland, with THE WORLD and that this time of year, so many well wishes and blessings are shared. Yes, I LOVE YOUR ROOM and just yesterday, my builders came to finally put up the framework for my two new rooms. One is a family room and the other a lovely office for my husband and your white is the perfect inspiration for ME!!!! I will look at that YouTube and I am sure I will be so blessed.

    Enjoy your day dearest! Anita


    Eternal life- check
    Possible win of wand- check (teeeheee)

    Thank you for coming to visit and you are such a precious lady!!! DO COME BACK, PLEASE!!!

    Mille bisous, Anita



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