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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Handmade Christmas - part 1

I adore Christmas time.
And yes...I already have my Christmas tree set up!
I created these baubles from foam balls
bought from Spotlight stores and then covered in
sequins with small seed beads, glue and pins.
Very pretty.
(...and therapeutic!)

Once I started, I found I was curious to see
what different colours would look like...
so I have various baubles in all sizes and colours.
This year, I have kept to a plum tone with silver
for the foyer of our house. They feel wonderful to hold. Very tactile.

I also created a few Christmas trees
using old wine glasses bought from opp shops.
The bases were glued to foam cones using araldite glue. (craft glue is no good as it eats away the foam)
Then I had some fun  making leaf shapes
from velvet panne...coated with PVA glue.
I left a small edge at the top of each leaf shape free of glue so that it was soft to mold onto the cone.
After the glue was dry and the leaves were nice and stiff,
I added a line of kindy glitter to the edges,
then positioned them around the cone using pins first then replaced with glue.

Some trees I covered with sequins and the small one above,
was covered with tiny paper roses.
I have given some away as gifts...but could not part with this pair.
I think they look wonderful.

In my next post, I will show some more of my decorating for Christmas 2010.
Stay tuned!



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