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Monday, November 8, 2010

Grass Head Man

The little Grass Head Man that we bought for Ellie
from the Coolangatta beachside markets one Sunday,
has grown his lovely green 'hair' after a week of watering.
With his pouty bottom lip,
Poppie and Ellie have fun trying to look like him.

After a few weeks, his hair needed a trim,
so I helped Ellie cut the luscious green locks
with a small pair of scissors, last night.
She was funny to watch,
as she tried to handle the cutting motion of the scissors, with her small hands...
 she also moved her mouth to mimick the opening and closing of the shears to match.
(I'm sorry I didn't get all that on camera)

1 comment:

  1. I've not come across such a head before. It's a good idea, using grass. We have grown cress in eggshells with faces drawn on them but, once you have eaten the cress, that's the end.

    Thank you for following Pictures Just Pictures. I've reached the limit of memory blogger allows for photographs so I have to stop there but I will be continuing on another blog. It is

    Message in a Milk Bottle

    It has a different look but is, otherwise, the same - a photo every day.




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