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Monday, September 13, 2010

A SWELL idea

You are looking at the best Eggs Benedict that we have ever tasted.
Stopped for brunch at 'Farleys' down at Coolangatta.
Sunday morning was the perfect day for another bike ride, this time, down the coast.

Afterwards we went for a stroll through the beachside markets at Coolangatta...

and enjoyed a few large jets overhead
on their way to landing at the airport across the highway.

Came across this smart looking dog sitting beside one of the stalls. Loved his tail.

Then it was a quick ride to Currumbin Beach
to explore the SWELL Sculpture Exhibition beside the beach.
I have to say that this years collection left me a bit disappointed...
but below are some of the more interesting pieces.

Below: #11 titled 'imag_ne'...for sale for $8,000

Below: #15 titled L'Artiste...for sale for $20,000for the pair

Below: #22 titled 'Hands to the Heart' for sale for $35,000

Below: #24 titled 'Did you lose your way?' for sale for $60,000

Below: #36 titled 'Step Lightly' for sale for $190/pair or $15,000 the lot

Below: #35 titled 'Rosewood Futura' for sale for $9,500

Below: #37 titled 'The Second Last Supper' for sale for $6,000
It features Saint Mary MacKillop, the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and Frida Kahlo partaking in some sort of Mad Tea Party...or some such nonsense.

Below: #42 titled 'God of the Sea with Attitude' for sale for $20,000

Below: #44 titled 'The Race' for sale for $80,000

Below: # 53 titled 'School' for sale for $14,000

I actually think that this was my favourite piece of sculpture on display.

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