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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Practically Magic in our Secret Enchanted Forest.

The faeries of our
set about gathering and blending together
fairydust and fireflies,
to create the magic needed for an apparition of the 
well known and much loved Victorian house from the movie,
'Practical Magic', to appear.
 to enjoy all the other magic that is being offered through our hosts 
Anna &Justina
over at La Boheme Magique.
(the fun begins on the 25th September)


  1. Lovely! Just love the house in this movie! I love how you've put these images together!

  2. Love the visuals. I like how you put them together. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:

  3. Your little fairies are just adorable!

    Have a magical day, Kelly

  4. Love your creations, enchanting and magical!

  5. A magical party post. I
    I'm a little behind, But I love finding new blogs You have great stuff.

  6. A very magical party post. I am blown away by you little faries. Thank you so much for sharing.



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