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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fantastic Frocks

While surfing the net, I came across this beautiful gown.
I love the soft sculpted roses and full skirt. Just gorgeous.
So, it enticed me to look further,
and see what other lovely gowns I could find...

I found this amazing gown.
Made all the more amazing because
it is made from used drink cans!!
Yes, you read it right.
AND there are boots to match!

Now, I was curious to see what else was 'out there'
in this strange world of cyber space...

I found this pretty frock...made ENTIRELY from toilet paper!
Very nice.

Then there was this couture creation...
entirely from balloons!

This one, created by Jemma Sykes, is from yarn.

Very clever...and very beautiful.

Now, THIS one is made from rubber gloves!!

...just a few gloves were used, I'm guessing.

This ruffled sleeve item is  made from newspaper...
by Elena Gregusova.

And the shorter 'telephone book' version...

Back to nature...made of leaves.

Can you believe that someone thought to create
one from cabbage leaves, as well?

Don't forget the matching shoes...

Just a whole lot of garbage, really.
No seriously...really IS a whole lot of garbage,
(below) and it looks sensational!

And for the coffee lover...
we have this cute little number, from Aimee Kick,
 made from coffee filter papers.

A bit more colourful,
are the gowns created from condoms.
hmmm...very nice....

You'll probably go a bit Gaga over this little 'bubbles' number, made for a certain shy little Lady.

And we end the fashion show with a splashy little frock, made from...

Isn't it wonderful to see such whimsy?
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Oh alright. Here's an encore ...
made of milk!


  1. Dearest Victoria, have blown my imagination away....I have seen one or two of these photos before, having used the telephone book photo long ago....but your tenacity to look for and find such gems of whimsey is IMPRESSIVE, and I love your style! I am looking at your side bar at the lovely pot of tea....and oh, doesn't that sound good, ham sandwich with real butter on freshly baked bread....where did you grow Australia? THANK YOU for leaving such wonderful comments on my post on aging/ true that our society CREATES a belief that ONLY youth is to be valued.....that must have been created by someone young who has not experienced enough joy in maturity in order to celebrate it! Keep up the dance dear blogger, and dance my way often...I would love to see you!!! Enjoy your weekend, Anita

  2. These are all so impressive! Wow!



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