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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"When's lunch?"

These are the most recent photos of our little feathered visitors.
'Little Butch' (butcherbird) is the cheekiest, and freely enters the kitchen when I am not looking.
Lucky for him, and the Maggies (magpies) I happened to have some off cuts from a stew the night before.
As of this week, we now have a couple of Kookaburras ready to make our back yard their regular haunt. The Maggies are NOT you can see from the photo. Spreading their wings out and squarking loudly to try to chase the new arrivals away. There is plenty of meat to go around, but they don't like to share...and have only just tolerated the Butcherbirds up until now.
Poor things will just have to get used to the new rivals getting in on the act.
Thing is...they really just do not like to share, as when they have eaten their fill, and can't fit anymore in, they still squabble for more and then go hide the pieces of meat around the garden, in pots etc. for later on.
The birds are fun to watch, and you get a good feeling when they just drop by.


  1. I just happened to pop back by after the Mad Tea Party, and I loved reading about your magpies! Yes, we magpies are like that you know. Don't get between us and our shiny objects... be it a bit of meat or a new set of dishes! ;-)

    I have to laugh because last night, I spotted something I wanted for a blog gift for a friend, and I would have high-hurdled over a group of other shoppers if they hadn't politely moved to the side. LOL!

    I love magpies. I realize that the bird in my profile is blue, but that's because he got a dose of bluebird happiness while underneath beats the heart of a shiny-object-loving magpie! ;-)



  2. Kookaburras?! Must google.
    The look a bit like bandits, I must say!

    Re: the moustache - one exception, Tom Selleck!

  3. Re: the moustache ...Yes. I have to agree with you on that one. (I have seen him without it...not so pretty)



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