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Monday, July 12, 2010

A bit of drama

Finding myself behind locked bars
was not how I expected the evening to end.

The evening had started out so lovely...

An enjoyable evening meal
at Maddison's in Noosa,
and time spent together with the family.
Delicious food!

Complete with a monkey
on the ceiling fan, that caught Ellie's interest.

Followed by a bit of a wander along Hastings Street,
and a yummy icecream to end the evening.

Ellie found some bright blue lights in the pavement,
and thought they were pretty cool!

Then as we were making our way back to the cars,
I thought that I would duck into the 'ladies' public toilets at the back of the shops.
So far, so good.
But on trying to exit the loos, I found myself behind bars. 
A huge metal door had been padlocked shut, while I had been otherwise occupied.

I shouted out for help.
There didn't seem to be another soul around.

I shouted loudly.

Then I shouted louder still.

I was beginning to get a bit concerned,
that I may be there for some time.
So I kept on calling out for help.

 My throat was beginning to get sore,
so I began to kick the metal door
in an effort to create a lot of noise.

Still no one came to rescue me.

I continued to yell out and kicked some more...

Then, just as I was taking a little rest from all my efforts,
my daughter Jillian, arrived at the door and asked ,
"Are you alright?"

I replied, "No. I'm locked in."
No one had heard my cries for help.
My family just got tired of waiting for me to return,
and so Jill decided to see what was keeping me.

Knowing that my loved ones would leave no stone unturned to help me to escape, I felt a little easier about my predicament....and decided to unleash a few more good kicks...just because it now felt good to.

Then, after, the rest of the family had
come by to visit me behind bars,
the two police officers that Jill had waved down along Hastings Street, arrived to release me.
With their trusty collapsable steel bar, they quickly and expertly twisted the padlock to breaking point.
Then opened the steel security door. about evening drama.

I don't need anymore.

{Moral of the story: "When using a public toilet late at night,...hum loudly, so people know you are there!! Because they don't always check to see if it is all clear to lock up."}

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  1. Oh no, that sounds terrible! That's one of my fears about being the last one in a public bathroom at night. It's never happened to me so people think that my fear is just neurotic...but clearly, its not. lol. I hope you recovered okay!



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