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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Fish Tale.

The day started out so well. The weather was not too hot. The sea was nice and calm. There were no crowds of people to contend with. Just the promise of a good day fishing. That was until we drifted too close to the bank and the mangroves. (I knew we should have anchored, and not just drifted!) My rod and line got caught in the branches and John had to manouver the boat close enough so that he could untangle my line.
As he leaned out to reach the line, he over balanced, and in slow-mo, he completely fell into and right under the water. He was soon out and back in the boat, dripping wet. Luckily, we had a some spare clothes, of sorts, for him to change into. Then we discovered that his glasses were no longer with us, and must have got lost in the water. So for the rest of the day, he had to wear my trackie daks and my glasses.
Above: Dripping wet, moments after climbing back on board the boat.
Anyway. Then the day got slightly (only slightly) better for John, as he proceeded to catch all the fish for the day. Only one of which was legal size to keep. A small Sole. I didn't catch a single fish.

The highlight of the catch was a beautiful Mulloway (Jew fish)...only to discover that it was actually undersized for that species. Damn it!!

So, it was reluctantly released back into the water after this photo was taken.
Above: John wearing my trackie daks and glasses.Heheheh...with his beautiful Jew, that was not to be.

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