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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Oh goody. It's almost 'dark time'! Time when the fish should be on the bite. John and I took the boat down to the seaway again on Wednesday afternoon. Pumped a enough yabbies at low tide. Then headed out to find ourselves a spot to fish.
So beautiful when the sun was going down, behind Wavebreak Island.

I do love this sort of fishing, so quiet and peaceful. No jetski noise or rowdy crowds of people. Just the anticipation of a good night of fishing.

Yep...and THIS is my first fish for the night!! What a snodger of a Bream! About 37cm long!
I followed that up with a few more good sized bream and a giant Whiting.
Mostly caught on a fast incoming tide.

John...not so lucky. He caught a few smallish sized fish, which he had to throw back. AND, he had to endure watching me catch all my beauties...THEN, had to clean ALL my fish.

(my long suffering hubby doing all the dirty work associated with a good night's catch)

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