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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magic happens...

It's a very special day, today.
Elliana turned two. And, as suspected, there are still no real signs of the 'terrible twos' that often follow that milestone.
She is truely enchanting. I do give a lot of the credit to my daughter, Jillian. She has got to be the best mother I've ever seen, to our tiny granddaughter.
Ellie did an impromptu photo shoot for me today, and modeled my latest creations for etsy. A couple of felt brooches, in the forms of a ladybug and a bee.

Jill has had an infestation of caterpillars on her ficus topiary, and instead of killing the little blighters, she decided to keep them in the hopes that they might turn into shiny crysalis' for Ellie to see. I took a few shots of the magic in her garden. It truly is magic!!

above: This one still has not completely developed it's shiny exterior yet. One can only imagine the utter magic that is taking place inside the crysalis.
 Magic really does happen...every day.

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