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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was beginning to think that our grandchildren would not know what a wet week looked like, or how it felt to wear a raincoat. and go about in rubber boots. But, these past weeks have been gloriously blessed with lots and lots of rain. Our garden is bursting at the seams with fresh new growth, and the back yard is very very soggy. Our white front door has mildew growing on it! The wet weather has been great while it lasted, but I can see that the next few dryer days will be spent cleaning, cutting and pruning.

As can be seen from the shot above, the tiny blue Lobielia groundcover has thrived due to the rain. was worth hanging on to it. (remember me moaning about how it was struggling, in an earlier post)

Mold has taken over the pond surround too. It will need a high-pressure clean with water...once the ground dries out.

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